Life As A Remote Guru

One thing that I can say about being a remote guru is that it’s a job that empowers me more than any other job I’ve had. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting on my patio with the sun of my face and my dog at my feet. Being able to work from home inspires confidence, because you are bound to be comfortable. Do you want to work in your PJ’s? Or wish you could eat dinner with your roommate while you’re on break? What about having a stand up desk or a work nook? These things are all possible when you’re a remote Guru and they’re just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what makes this job awesome!

I learned early on that mentioning that I work from home is enough to turn anyone green with envy. Most people don’t need to be sold on the glory that is working from your own space, so I’ll leave you to dream about your new home office and all the ways that could benefit you! What I really want to share here is what makes this job uniquely awesome! Shopify is known for having an incredible culture, and when I first started I wondered how the heck that would translate remotely. At the same time I was worried that working from home would turn me into a hermit craving socialization.

That was pretty preposterous of me since the job is literally talking to awesome people for 8 hours, so there’s no shortage of socialization. What takes it to the next level is the connection you form with your coworkers. When I met my first squad, I soon realized that I would be working alongside some of the raddest people to ever walk this earth! We chat throughout the shift, sharing gifs and funny stories as well as asking for help when we’re on a tough chat or call. That’s the day to day, and about once a month we get together for a face to face hang. We’ll play board games or grab a bite and some beers, depending on what we’re in the mood for. In Vancouver most of our hang outs revolve around donuts because… well… donuts are amazing and so are we. We hang out we’ve met people who are passionate and exciting and who inspire us. In short we’ve met our people.

What makes Shopify employees get along isn’t that we’re all clones of each other, we’re a super diverse bunch. Before Shopify, some of us were programmers and others worked in a coffee shop, but we get along because we have some key things in common. We’re go getters, we love to solve problems and we strive to make people happy. When that comes together, it makes a group that is incredibly driven to enjoy work and make the most of it. 

The job isn’t easy by any means, every day you have merchants contacting you with a question you’ve never heard before and be responsible for answering it. You have a team of people behind you if you do need help, but you own that question until you've solved it. If that’s something that lights a fire in you - apply to be a guru! Personally, I find it incredibly rewarding to end the day knowing you’ve helped people run their businesses better. If you do too I can’t wait to work with you!

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