Remote Life at Shopify

Before working for Shopify I was living in two different homes. Both of them were in separate cities and my weeks were divided between the two locations. With an inconsistent schdule I struggled to make a steady income working a job in only one city and the thought of balancing two part time jobs while factoring in travel was exhausting just to think about. It was a time in my life where I really felt stuck. So, I did what I do best when faced with a problem; I Googled the solution. 

It was a Google search for “Jobs I can work from home” that brought me to Shopify.

I had to look through quite a few suspiciously tempting offers. There was a lot of “Make $2000 a day from home!” postings that were only offset by seemingly under appreciative drone work that asked you to fill out applications as lifeless as the company you were applying to. There weren’t a lot of great options for a person looking to work from the comfort of their home… Who could have guessed?!

Then I came across Shopify and their posting for a Remote Guru. They stood out in a crowd of dull options and the more I dug into them the less I was willing to work for anyone else. Shopify made a lot of promises about work environments, job satisfaction, and the value of their employees. The promises were almost as suspicious as $2000 a day from home, and yet, so far, they have come through on each and every promise (and I think I’m whittling them down on that $2000 a day thing).

I’ve been working with Shopify for just over six months now and it’s been a fast moving thrill. I’ve picked up so many new skills and feel like an expert on things I didn’t understand in the slightest coming into this. Six months has felt like years experience, and yet, thanks to the environment, it’s also felt like time has barely passed.

The work’s not always easy and it’s a job that keeps you on your toes, but I’ve never seen a more supportive work environment then what’s available to me on Shopify. At all points I’ve had a team of people who are ready to assist me, constant help from any department in times of need, and a team lead who always sets time aside to help me grow and make sure I’m heading in the direction that I want to be in. Every member of the company has been encouraging, motivating, and memorable. It’s easy to think that the distance placed on a remote employee would make you feel isolated, but I can assure you that the opposite is true with Shopify. I’ve got a team who supports me in every situation, and it’s that team that makes my good days the best days and turns my worst days into better days.

Let me close this out with a quote from my girlfriend regarding my work environment;

“It’s like you work for a movie company. Not one that makes movies, like a company in a movie where everyone’s happy and loves coming to work and… not real!”

It is pretty unreal. Shopify has taken every negative expectation I’ve learned from my years of work and shown me something new. This company is a unicorn and tell me, honestly, who doesn’t want to ride a unicorn?

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