David G's Guru Story

When did you join the Guru team? 
David Gaylord Shopify


What is the most challenging part of the role? 

My biggest challenge was knowing where I can voice the merchants opinions. When something isn't exactly a feature request it can be hard to find out who to contact. Over a few months I got a good grasp of where I could look for help, just took a while! 

What is the most interesting question you've received? 

I got billed for a monthly payment from Spotify...

What is the most rewarding part of the job? 

Definitely helping merchants get to the next level. Whether it was startup, or a thriving business I took a lot of pride getting them to the next stage in their journey. I felt like I was that connective block. Without myself, a merchant may not have had the tools they needed to be successful. I took great pride in it. 

What's your super power? 

I'm amazing at connecting the dots. When someone says something, I am able to figure out the deeper meaning behind it and give them the best solution. I wouldn't call it "listening" exactly, as I think it goes a bit beyond that. 

What's your favourite website? 

www.hammockuniverse.com They have great stuff! 

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