If I'm located in Canada, but not in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec or New Brunswick - can I apply?

This is on a case by case basis, please apply and specify your location on your application.

What exactly is a Customer Success Guru?

View our page outlining more details about the role and a typical day in the Guru role.

Are there any chances for career advancement in the Guru role?

Absolutely, Shopify is a fast growing company and many roles and responsibilities are constantly being created. In the Guru role there are many subject matters on different areas of the platform. Advancement at Shopify is determined by level of impact.

Will there be any form of team interaction in the remote guru role?

Yes, Gurus always work in teams, or what we call Squads. A Squad is a team of 10 people that work the same shifts. This way, you really get to know the people you’re working with. Some may live in the same city as you, and others could be miles away. Squads are always connected through Slack (the company’s internal messaging app) so you’re working together.

Do you consider Shopify to be an equal opportunity employer?

Yes, Shopify is built on the foundation of equal opportunity. Our company is very serious about ensuring anyone with the right skill set and mindset has opportunities to grow and thrive.

What are my chances of getting the job without an employee referral?

We look for the most qualified candidates, regardless if they are referrals or not.

What is offered in terms of vacation time and sick days?

We offer 10 sick/mental health days if needed and 15 paid vacation days in Canada & 20 paid vacations day in Ireland (to comply with employment standards).

Can I work part-time?

Not at this time, we pride ourselves on having full-time dedicated employees to help make commerce better for everyone.

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