Gauntlet - Extra Tips

Arrive on time! Please be available on Skype 5 minutes prior to your Skype time or directly from your Life Story call.

Make sure you have a headset available for the phone call section of the Gauntlet.



  • Say hello, and introduce yourself!
  • Be direct, even if the outcome isn't what the merchant wants to hear.
  • Don't be afraid to use emoticons like you were talking to your best friend. Robots don't smile, and they’re certainly not empathetic. Use your engagement and sincerity to the fullest when the situation calls for it =)
  • Remember to be resourceful, chats a great place to share support links to additional information.
  • Look for ways you can help. You can learn so much about a merchant’s business by starting a conversation. Probing questions not only buy you time, but also get the merchant engaged!
  • Watch out for internal communications. We're a fast paced, team driven company and we've always got each other's backs - even when we're super busy!
  • Make sure to balance your time and don't leave the merchant hanging too long while you research things for them. Updates on your progress are key to maintaining trust and good rapport. 


  • Breathe.
  • Go into the calls with an open mind and eager to learn as you go.
  • Introduce yourself, and don’t forget that you’re a Shopify Guru for these scenarios!
  • Be curious! Ask the merchant questions about their situation and make sure to clarify the details if you don't understand something. Think like a detective trying to solve a great mystery.
  • Own each and every thing.
  • Show them how to do something, even if it takes 5x longer than you just doing it for them.
  • When in doubt, why not make some conversation and talk about the merchant’s business while finding the answer? They may give you hints about other ways to add value and enrich their experience. 
  • You're a person with opinions, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc... you have the freedom to let your personality shine. Really make the effort to connect with your merchant!


    • Get your hands dirty. Sometimes the news you have to give is crappy news, but customers appreciate that. It is important to balance a positive spin and finding the good in a situation with not beating around the bush, or setting poor expectations. Don't be afraid to say "no," and then look for a way forward from there. 
    • Remember to use your own words, human conversations also include not copy and pasting pre-written materials.
    • Proofread, and make sure the information is presented in an easy to read and professional format.
    • Use empathy to connect and build rapport—as with chats, emails should also be about natural, human conversations.
    • Make sure you’re managing time well in your response. You’ll need to be fast but also detailed, so finding that perfect middle ground is key.  Watch the clock to be mindful and respectful of the timelines provided to you.
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