Gauntlet - General Overview

In the Gauntlet, we'll be diving into a mix of daily tasks that our Guru team does to support our merchants. Any day can range from chats and phones to emails, so we'll be testing you in those areas.

Our Guru Builders will be running you through the paces, and they will be looking for:

  • Resourcefulness and Adaptability
  • Communication Skills and Technical Ability
  • Empathy and Confidence
One quick reminder will be to use all of the resources that you have available - the Shopify Help Center, our apps store and Google. The other being, remember to be yourself! We thrive on human conversations here at Shopify, if you can sound like you're talking to your friend, you're off to a great start! :)

Each Builder has their own Gauntlet Test Store, so following a successful Life Story call, your TA person will provide a link to the website, along with your Builder's Skype Handle. It is up to you to access the site, quickly review the specific instructions, and reach out via Skype to begin the next stage of your interview.

Time is of the essence. The first 30 minutes of the Gauntlet will be conducted live by your Builder, and include one test chat and two phone call scenarios. After that, you'll be given an email "homework assignment" to complete on your own for the last 15 minutes.  Once that has been received, the Guru Builder will compile their notes and send them to your TA person who will be in touch to let you know the results (usually within 24-48 hours).

For some advice on how to really crush it, please check out Gauntlet - Extra Tips! You can also check out our list of recommended resources on this page


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