Guru 101 - Compensation Package

Total Compensation

People often refer to their ‘total compensation’ when they talk about salary, but salary is just one component. Think about everything you receive and experience here at Shopify that has value, such as your benefits, perks, and equity.

Aside from all of the monetary pieces of total compensation there are so many other factors that make Shopify a kick ass place to work: career growth, awesome people, strong culture, etc. Although these pieces can’t be given a dollar value, they definitely play a role in contributing to the total package offered by Shopify.

Total compensation at Shopify includes 6 elements: 

a) Base Salary + Equity + Perks/Benefits 
b) Career Development + Quality of Life at Work (Competitive Offering)

For the Customer Success Guru role elements (a) consist of: 

    • Base Salary: $40,000 CAD per annum (Canada) and 29,000  per annum (Ireland)
    • Equity: $5,000 USD in Restricted Stock Units (Canada) and $3,750 USD (Ireland) (Learn More
    • Flexible Perks - Canadian Employees (Learn More) // Perks - Irish Employees (Learn More
    • Medical & Dental benefits package covered by Shopify. 

Our Compensation Philosophy

We are a pay for impact company. Meaning that we reward high performance and impact, and our compensation approach is aligned with the level of impact and increased impact on making commerce better for everyone.

Our compensation programs are competitive by design. We use external and internal market data to support and inform our salary decisions, though it is not the only deciding factor. Market data informs us at a point in time of what other comparable companies are paying for similar roles. Our goal and philosophy is to pay competitively in the market.

We ensure that our practices are fair (not equal). We make compensation decisions based on impact, your level of impact, the market for your role and internal equity. At least annually, Leads review the impact of each individual to ensure that we are properly compensating them for their individual impact, and HRBPs review impact across teams to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and without bias. Each Shopify employee has their own unique compensation story. Keep in mind fair does not mean equal compensation for all.

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