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The question:


This is really ridiculous, why is it so hard to find a theme that will really make my kids toy store really stand out!  This should be so much easier than it is.  Got any suggestions?

- Bob

Answer one:

Hey Bob,

Check out our Theme Store for some suggestions and search by “Toys”, that should get you started.

If you have other questions,let me know.


Shopify Guru

Answer two:

Hey Bob!

Jen here from the Shopify Guru Team :)

That sounds like a fun store, I can see how having the right theme would make a big difference.  I can understand that you’re frustrated with the searching process, and I’m more than happy to help guide you to find the right theme fit for your shop.  

Not only are there some direct links below to themes for you to look over, but in the future when looking for a particular feature or theme genre, these suggestions can be found by clicking “search” on the top right and entering some keywords you are looking for.  In this case I used the keyword “Toys”.  This should make future searches a bit easier.

I’ve taken a look at our themes and pulled together a list that I think would work well for you. 

A few points to ponder, all free themes are developed by Shopify, whereas all themes with a cost are developed by third party partners.  Links to the partner developer pages for more theme information can be found on each link above.

Let me know if you need anything else. I’m happy to help out!

Have an awesome day :)


Shopify Guru