The Gauntlet Toolkit


Make sure to have the tools needed to tackle the gauntlet. You will need to:

Have access to a computer or laptop

For part of your gauntlet you will be using a chat widget to simulate a live interaction and you will write an e-mail later on as well. These are best done when you have the correct tools, and a desktop computer or laptop are ideal.

Have your home phone or cellphone nearby
The gauntlet will also guide you through a phone scenario as if you were speaking with a live merchant, and a phone is required to conduct this.  It is recommended to have a headset or earphones attached to your cellphone to be hands free while taking the call. This will allow you to type, research and communicate without straining your neck!
Software (Get it? Soft wear?)
Best practices

The gauntlet can be intimidating, but you can be better prepared by:

Opening a test store

Shopify provides a convenient 14-day-free-trial (no credit card required) to merchants.  If you haven’t already we recommend opening your own trial store and do the following:

  • Download any one of our free themes
  • Add pictures to your theme
  • Create different products
  • Create collections for those products
  • Create a drop-down menu to display on your storefront
  • Create a blog post
  • Create an about us page
  • Create a test transaction using the test payment gateway
  • Refund this test transaction
  • Create a draft order
  • Install the app “Product Reviews” by Shopify
  • Explore and play with any part of the admin!
Running a test gauntlet

We have a handy practice gauntlet right here! ( Check it out!

Review your resources

While Shopify Gurus do have some internal resources for the role, all questions asked within the Gauntlet will have public solutions. Use our help documents or a Google search query to find what you’re looking for. Shopify also has a handy app store that can also be utilized. Still stuck? Don’t forget the most important tool in your arsenal: ask questions until you fully understand the problem!

Work from a quiet place

The fewer distractions and background noise you have, the better you can focus and communicate with your Gauntlet coordinator.

Wired internet connection

A solid, wired, internet connection can help mitigate any flustering connectivity issues.

Being punctual

Try to be on Skype at least 5 minutes before the Gauntlet to ensure you and the Gauntlet coordinator are connected and can start on time.


You’re all set! Make sure to be yourself and take a deep breath when you get stuck.

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