Danielle Fortin

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Danielle joined Shopify in December 2015 as a recruiter working in the Montreal office. She now lives in Vancouver, BC focusing leading our support recruitment team. She grew up in Ottawa, which is actually how she ended up hearing about Shopify. In her own words “the opportunity to join a company where change is constant and you have the opportunity to grow and take on new challenges were a hook.”🎣.

Before joining Shopify, Danielle spent time teaching grades 5-10 in both BC and Québec. A fun fact about Danielle is that she's played Ultimate since 2003 and has represented Canada at international tournaments as a member of Team Canada - catch her in action. She’s also coached Team Canada at the U20 and U24 level.

Another interesting little tid bit is that Danielle was actually named after a crush that her sister had in elementary school, Daniel (which also happens to be her dad's name, strangely enough). Danielle is also incredibly skilled at maintaining a completely deadpan facial expression while pulling off hysterical jokes and/or pranks.

Tips from Danielle:

Danielle’s advice for interviewing is to come in trying to learn something. It's a two-way conversation and if you come in with that mindset you'll have at least walked away knowing something new.

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