Jennifer Shillington

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Jennifer joined Shopify in February 2016 as a member of the Guru Team. She has her heart set on one day becoming a member of the Talent Acquisition Team. This dream came true in November of that year when she became a Support Recruiter. 

Before Shopify Jennifer received her B.A Honours in Psychology and went on to complete her M.A in Counselling and Spirituality in Ottawa. Once she graduated, Jennifer began travelling around the beautiful country of Canada. From hiking in the Canadian Rockies, island hopping on the west coast and shredding the light delicious powder in Fernie, she was soaking it all in. 

Fun Facts about Jennifer, she has driven across Canada more than 6 times and loved every minute of it (ok, almost every minute of it). She has a real passion for mindfulness practices and multi-faceted forms of self-actualisation. Last but not least, she is addicted to adventure!!

Tips from Jennifer:

Jennifer's advice for an interview with her is to relax, grab a beverage and let your true personality shine! I am an open book to ask away about questions related to Shopify. 

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