Ireland Perks


  1. Find yourself a local cleaning service and sign up for regular, ongoing cleaning service.

  2. Coordinate your first cleaning and obtain proof of payment as well as services information (such as an invoice that includes business information, hours of cleaning and amount owed/paid, and your name or address as the client). Send this proof to our HR team and you'll receive 100 EUR/month towards your house cleaning. 

  3. Receive 50 EUR allowance on each pay after sending your first receipt.

  4. Enjoy the benefits of a clean house!


Shopify offers all term/contract and full-time, permanent employees an activity budget to get you more active and energetic! This activity budget can be spent on anything that betters your health overall! Some ideas are: running shoes, yoga membership, a dietitian, a golf membership, or more. Whatever activity or health improvement it may be, you decide and Shopify will reimburse you to a maximum allowance of 200 EUR per annum. If you're a full-time, permanent employee and have family coverage on your Irish Life Health insurance, your Sportify budget doubles to 400 EUR per annum.

Ask yourself 'Is this something to better your health?' If yes, then it applies! 


Gym Membership

Let’s face it, most of us sit at a desk all day. Without a little exercise, we might all need bigger pants after a few months of working at Shopify. The solution? All full-time, permanent employees are offered a gym allowance of 20 EUR per month (or 40 EUR for employee + spouse).



We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in all our employees. Not only do we encourage all employees to start up their very own Shopify store, we allow them to do so, at no cost! To get your Shopify store up and running, just email any Guru your store name and they will label it as an Employee Account.

Anyone can build a business with Shopify, including you. To make this happen, Shopify will contribute 200 EUR/employee (one time only budget) to the cost of starting and running your Shopify shop. You can expense things like:

  • Creating products
  • Buying initial stock
  • Advertising
  • Legal costs
  • Apps and themes
  • Etc...

Maternity and Parental Leave

Shopify grants eligible employees maternity and parental leave in accordance with applicable employment standards legislation in the province in which the employee resides.

  1. Birth mother: 26 weeks top up of government program to 85% of salary could take additional 16 weeks unpaid
  2. Supporting spouse/adoption: 3 weeks at 100% or 9 weeks topped up to 85% of salary

Baby Bonus and Childcare Perk

Shopify offers a one-time cash bonus of 750 EUR for the birth or adoption of a child to all full-time, permanent employees. In addition, we provide support in the amount of 200 EUR a month towards childcare. This allowance is paid out monthly until your child is five years years old.

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