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Congrats! If you've landed here that means you've been invited to move forward in the process.
It's very important that you read this page in it's entirety and fill out all requested elements. 

For the next steps of the process you will need to make sure you're available for 1.5 hours from the time your first interview starts. 



You should have received a link via email inviting you to book in for your Life Story interview, go ahead and book that now if you haven't already done so. 

The Life Story is a casual interview focused on getting to know you outside of just your resume/CV, we want to learn the things you're passionate about, why you've chosen the work you have in the past, and why Shopify is the next step for you. We have zero pre-scripted questions or silly behaviourial questions, and is meant to be a two-way conversation. 

Once you book your interview, you'll receive a confirmation for your booking. At the time of your interview, you will be meeting the Support Recruiter via Skype where they'll be adding you. Please show up on time, and leave all questions to after your interview via email to your recruiter. 

If for any reason you can't sync up via Skype with your recruiter, please keep an eye on your email; as the recruiter will reach out to you there. 

How to prepare? 


After the Life Story Interview, you may be invited to complete a Gauntlet directly after which is a 45 minute role-playing exercise that consists of doing phone calls, chats, and emails to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from our merchants. Keep in mind that we may not advance you forward immediately and instead deliberate with the team and invite you to a Gauntlet later that week. Be sure you have access to a computer and phone for this task. As you advance to the Gauntlet you won’t need to use your video and audio as you did in the Life Story and the Gauntlet will be conducted via Skype with the Guru Builder. 

How to prepare? 
  • Check out our Gauntlet Resources page here. 
  • If you're really eager check out our extra tips here. 



If you haven't already familiarized yourself with the Guru role, it's important to understand the challenges and fulfilling elements of this role. Please read more about the role by visiting this page

If you have additional questions please check out our FAQs here. If you don't see your question listed please reach out to for an answer :) 

You MUST fill out this form at this stage of the process (before your interviews happen), it's extremely crucial as this will allow us to get an offer letter to you ASAP if the team decides to move forward with a job offer.

Complete Now:

Note: this form will include all details about when we're hiring (shifts and schedule). If you are unable to consent to all elements on the form you'll need to withdraw your application - please reach out to your recruiter with questions. 


If you receive a job offer and contract from Shopify please note the following: 

  • You legally have at least 24 hours to look over the contract. 
  • You can reach out to the recruiter who hired you with any questions via email.
  • Please return the signed documents (in full, not just the signed pages) asap. 
  • Once received and processed, we'll get you synced up with training. 
  • Your gear including a laptop, monitor, keyboard, headset, and some cool Shopify swag will be shipped to you. 
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