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Dustin (or Ducky, as he is warmly referred to back home) joined the Shopify family in March 2015 as a member of the Guru Team. He switched gears in September when he joined our Support Recruitment squad on the TA team. After a year of hiring Gurus, Dustin began hiring for all other roles in the Support Organization. He hires for Internal Operations, Business operations and Knowledge management, These roles can be developers, analysts, escalated support etc. Before joining Shopify, Dusty was a nanny to two of the cutest munchkins in human existence. He was pretty damn good at it too, as proven by the fact that he had one fully potty-trained in under 4 hours (parents everywhere bow down and worship him). He also spent some time working at a group home using his infectious optimism and warm nature to help people grow into their best selves.

Some fun facts about Dustin are that he can do an amazing rendition of a Magic Mike themed dance routine (fully clothed, of course), his sweater game is always on point, and he has a real knack for making everyone around him feel welcome and special.

When Dustin was a kid, he was obsessed with the colour orange. So much so, that he vowed to wear an orange tux to his prom. When prom rolled around, Dusty didn’t disappoint his childhood self. He showed up in a specially designed orange tux, which he accessorized with orange hair, orange shoelaces, and an orange bowtie (photographic evidence coming soon). Needless to say, he totally pulled it off, and we can say that we’re graced by royalty every day (prom royalty that is).  

Tips from Dustin:

Dustin’s advice for an interview with him is not to be too nervous and to just be yourself. He also says that it’s important to remember that Shopify isn’t right for everyone and everyone isn’t right for Shopify, and that’s ok.

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